Monday, May 14, 2012

Creative Movement

Creative movement seems to be less and less in schools.  The pressures of state standards and testing sometimes brings such an intense focus to the academics that I feel like sometimes we forget that kids are kids and need to express themselves in many different outlets.  I have some little ones that are incredibly artistic and they can express themselves through drawing so well, but when it comes to writing they have no clue! Now I do work on improving their writing obviously, but I embrace how amazing their talent is in drawing. In college I remember learning how to integrate art, dance, and music into my lessons and I will never forget those lessons.  I remember having to teach a pretend classroom (of my college peers) and doing dances in front of them. It was silly and fun and I will always remember it.  I think it would be the same thing with kids.  If they danced in class while they were learning a new topic, it would definitely stick out in their mind.  I know it would for me! I have been working on different activities that will meet the standards, but still allow my students to express themselves artistically, musically, or through movement.  As I have worked on these activities I have come across some amazing resources that I am using in my classroom.  I thought that I could share them with you:

Best CDs for movement in the classroom:

Lion King Soundtrack
Olatunji: Drums of Passion
Spirit of the Forest: Baka Beyond
Music for Creative Dance: Eric Chappelle
Tribal Fires: Contemporary Native American Music
Music of the American Colonies Ann and Ridley Enslow
Dance Awhile
Chimes of Dunkirk
Happy Feet Soundtrack
South African Legends - Putamayo World Music

Great Dances for Children: Dancing Masters
Dance Awhile: handbook of folk, square, contra, and social

Websites:   for buying silks to use in acting out dances

Thought I might share those with you if you are interested in any of them.  Let me know what you think. Leave me a comment! I love comments!


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  1. A lot of my kiddos come from very sad home situations too. Our counselor does character lessons with the kiddos once a month. I bring in a lot with Conscious Discipline. CD has been amazing with my toughies and really all of my kiddos. I would love for you to come and read about it and maybe even follow me back! =)

    Heather's Heart


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