Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Linky Party - Technology Tip Tuesday

Second Day of a week long Linky Party by bloghoppin! Check out my technology tip below...ohhh and take a look at my new adorable puppy!!! love him!  Click on the image below and it will bring you to Bloghoppin's Tuesday Tech page.

First off, let me start by letting you know that I am soooo happy because my husband got me a puppy for my birthday last night. Isn't he darling?! He is a golden retriever.  We drove an hour into the countryside to get him last night. And he was perfect on the car ride home.  Then he slept through the whole night without crying in his crate. I'm in LOVE!

His name is Marley....I know I know. It doesn't seem very original after the hit book/movie Marley and Me, but that's the name my husband chose. I'm still trying to convince him otherwise.....we'll see! 

So here is the technology tip of the day! I know a lot of teachers have ipads in their classrooms. I do not have one, but my coworker in ESL has two and she sometimes lets me borrow them.  I haven't used them for instruction, but only for reward.  So the following apps that I'm listing below are fun games for primary aged students.  They are FREE.....BUT NOT FOR LONG. You have to get them now, because the free offer doesn't last forever. 

Click on the names and it will take you to the app profile.  They are all very cute games, but like I said they are not going to be free forever, so get them quick!!!!!

Thanks All! Hope you can use these ipad apps in your classroom too.



  1. Good luck with Marley! Goldens are the BEST dogs. I lost mine a year ago and miss him SO much.

  2. Marley is the cutest!! I love all the free aps. Thanks for sharing. It is always nice to find new 2nd grade teachers to follow. I am your newest follower. I would love for you to stop by and visit my blog.


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