Thursday, August 23, 2012

Linky Party - Therapeutic Thursday

Hi!!! I missed the link party yesterday, because I've had the craziest two days.  Not only do I have to move my old classroom out, but I had to help my sister out by watching her newborn son....and I am trying to house train my puppy.

By the way, we did end up changing his name.  His official name is Cooper and he is a goofy little guy. I took him to the park today and introduced him to swimming in the Creek.  He was so scared, but then loved to roll in the mud afterward. Ohh he's trouble!

So here are a couple pics to show you what I do to unwind.  First, I lovvvvve to paint.  It's hard to make time for it, but when I do paint I relax so much.  It makes the rest of my world go away and I focus so much on the task at hand.  I'm sure y'all can relate to that feeling.  I also feel that way when I make crafts.  Below is a watercolor that I painted a few years ago. 

Second, I love wine! Who doesn't?!? I'm not really a big drinker, but a glass of wine after a stressful day really takes the edge off. 

Third, my garden tub. I can soak in there for hours....not that I have the time to.  But I definitely try to stay in there as long as I can!!! (with my glass of wine of course)

Fourth: a good read.  Now I am currently reading Caesar Milan's dog training book, naturally.  But I do enjoy reading all different types of books on my Nook. And I am obsessed with Better Homes and Gardens magazines.  I read them a couple times over when I get them, because there are so many inspiring pictures inside. 

I hope you enjoyed my relaxing tips.  I promise tomorrow that I will link up again, since no baby tomorrow...just the puppy.


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