Friday, August 31, 2012

My Shopping Cart - Linky Party

Morning everyone! So I'm linking up today with The School Supply Addict who hosted a linky party that is right up my ally! It's called "The Monthly Shopping Cart".  All you have to do is list at least three things that you bought this August for your classroom, either from TPT or from a store.  I would love to share the packets that I got from TPT so I can give credit to some of my favorite creators: Abby Mullins and Amy Lemons.  All of the things in my TPT shopping cart this August were from them....they are the reason that I started blogging! If you want to link up, I'm sorry to say that it closes at the end of today.  I seem to have found this linky party at the end of its run.

The first two items that I purchased were bought for the first week of school.  Back to school week is my favorite week, because everyone is so excited and it's a fresh slate for the year.  I focus mostly on behavior, routines, and more behavior! I also talk a lot about teamwork, manners, and being the best you can be.  Then with the help of Abby Mullins I throw in some fun and getting to know you activities from her packet: 

It cost $6.00, but it was totally worth it. It gave me majority of my plans for the first week and it's actually going to take me into my second week. AWE-SOME! The second packet that I bought for the first week of school was made by Amy Lemons. It is a math packet that has activities that encourage teamwork in math and the correct way to handle manipulatives.  It cost $5.75 and it is perfect for introducing math! 

Now the last two items I purchased this August were bought with the intentions of trying to do a theme every week or so.  A few of the themes that I am working on right now are: ocean week, dinosaur week, farm week, gingerbread week, and jungle week. Then when I was looking through Abby Mullins store I came across two super cute packets and then my LIGHTBULB went off! I'll do an outer space week!  So that's why I bought these two packets from her store.  Amazing Astronaut cost $4.50 and Over the Moon cost $6.00.

I hope that you check these packets out, because I love them.  These girls always have the best designs in their packets. Thanks for reading and HAPPY FRIDAY!!! 


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