Friday, August 10, 2012

Science Puppets and Books

This past winter I went to the most amazing science conference at our district's intermediate unit.  It was a free conference and it was two days of training and education on teaching environmental science.  The conference leader is part of the department of education in Pennsylvania and she was a principal and teacher for over 20 years.  She joined the Department of Ed because she felt that elementary schools weren't putting enough focus on science, which I can completely agree with! I have always loved science, but it does seem to get shorted in the every day agenda.  Anywhooo, at this conference the lady gave us over $300 worth of books and teaching materials.  Talk about heaven! It was like a second Christmas..(well actually a first Christmas, because I'm too old to get gifts now that I'm married, haha)  I came home with four bags of materials.  Here are a couple of pics of the things she sent us home with.

The idea is that you teach science through literature.  So I have a set of 25 books that are about different fruits and veggies.  Each student gets a book (there are many different leveled reads) and they focus on that fruit or veggie.  Then they fill out different worksheets so that they can record what they've learned about that fruit or veggie.  

After that they can write a story about their fruit or veggie, they can draw a picture of where their fruit or veggie grows, or they can do a 3D art project about their fruit or veggie.

When the class is all finished their projects, then everyone meets in a sharing circle and they present their information.  
When they present, they get to hold their fruit or veggie puppet as a visual.  Aren't they super adorable!!! 

I have about three more bins of books and puppets...This bin is filled with common farm animals that live in Pennsylvania.

This bin is filled with puppets and books about wildlife that lives in Pennsylvania.

This bin doesn't actually go with the Science theme, haha. But I figured I was showing my other puppet bins that I'd show you my bin with the Seven Dwarfs.

Back to Science! My last bin is filled with books about trees and keeping the environment safe.  It also has slivers of a tree so that kids can learn how to count the years. 

Everything she gave us could seriously replace my science curriculum! And since all of the lessons that we learned at the conference were based in reading....then I could spend more time on science because my kiddos would be reading books during science class!!!!! Oh man, I love it! If I could teach these science lessons all day I would be a happy girl :) 

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  1. Those veggies are super cute! I love teaching science through literature. I am your newest follower. I would love to have you come and visit my blog!


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