Monday, September 3, 2012

Flashcard Frenzy for Monday Made It

I'm linking up again with 4th Grade Frolic's "Monday Made It" linky party.  She is making it into an every month event now that school has smart! now hopefully everyone will be able to keep creating during the school year.  This linky party is seriously my fav! I love checking out everyone's adorable creations!  Link up if you can!

I don't know about you, but my kids do a number on the flimsy cardboard boxes that house flashcards.  Every year they get more torn and the lids stop keeping the flashcards inside.  It drives me insane, because I like everything to go back where it belongs and if the flashcards can't go into their little cardboard box then they get messy.  So I needed to find a solution for this problem. I had a post a little while ago that showed old baby wipe containers as boxes for flashcards, but I obviously couldn't do this since I don't have any babies! Sooo while browsing the dollar aisle at Target (lovvvve the dollar aisle!) I found little plastic file boxes that I thought would do a good job with my flashcards.

I got some blue ones and some clear ones.  Then I cut out the inside inserts, so that all the flashcards could fit  inside the file folder together.

Next, I cut the cover off of my flimsy flashcard box and recycled the rest of the box.

On the blue containers I taped the flashcard label on the outside.

On the clear containers, I put the labels on the inside.  I think I like the clear ones better, because then the labels have a better chance of a long life.

And finally I did one more Monday Made It since I keep seeing these on pinterest and I think it's a great idea for keeping kids quiet.  I just slapped some scrapbooking letters onto this bottle that I got in the dollar aisle at target. Then you don't put anything in it.  You just spray air at the student who needs to hush and they should be mystified by the magic quiet spray and become quiet! Magical!!! 



  1. both ideas are great.

    diary of a grateful teacher

  2. I love your flashcard storage idea and your blog design is so adorable!! I got a kick out of imagining some of my students getting sprayed by the quiet spray. Hehe! I am your newest follower:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  3. I prefer my son uses electronic flashcards of Superflashcard on my phone.He and I can create math flashcard together.It's very convenient. I can use some pictures in flashcard for him remember faster. I see he really loves it and studies everyday.


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