Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mrs. Peterson's Room

I visited my old coworkers room the other day and I've always loved her classroom!!! She is so organized and tidy.  She is a pinterest-er so she always gets really cute ideas from pinterest and then she makes it.  So I took a few pics of her room to share with you.  First, she got this idea to do brownie points with the kids as a positive behavior system and let me say, she did a FAB-u-LOUS job on her brownie board.  It's made out of a cookie sheet and magnets that were made to look like brownies.  And every time I look at them they make me think about Cosmic Brownies...just with a little bit of icing on top.  Does anyone remember Cosmic brownies????

so perfect! they look good enough to eat.

Next, I've been trying to perfect my centers board for a while and I've done it a couple of different ways.  And still, Mrs. P keeps it simple with a store bought centers pocket chart.  Keeping it simple is always the best way - sometimes I make things more complicated then they should be. I guess I just think too hard about things.

And last, Mrs. P's morning meeting board.  And as always, organized and spaced perfectly. Her classroom theme this year is frogs, so she created a lily pad for her classroom jobs with velcro for rotating the kids' names.

Hope you enjoyed some classroom pics since I can't put any up from mine since I'm on medical leave at the moment. (very very big sad face)  I'll hopefully be back soon...when my doctor says I can return to work.


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