Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

I love, love, LOVE Halloween!!! We just had a Halloween party this weekend and I'm so thrilled that all my guests agreed to come in costume.  I'm glad even though we're getting older, that everyone still wants to be silly and dress up!  I was Belle and my best friend was Snow White.  I don't have brown hair, but I still think I made a great Belle :)

I consider myself a pretty good cook, but somehow I never seem to have the skills to make my food look as good as it does on pinterest.  Is this a pinterest fail?  #spiderwebdip

 Pinterest Dip

My dip

I feel like I almost nailed it! Haha.  I might have ran out of sour cream towards the end of the web, but it still tasted delicious!  I hope you have a Happy Halloween!

(update 8-1-17) I had originally posted a Halloween packet a few years ago when this original post went up, but I've been revamping all of my older packets.  Now, my Halloween packet is focused on place value skills.  It is filled with spooky themed games to add into your centers at the end of October.

And for a little bonus I added a freebie to my store, called "Boo Bump!" My students love the game of bump, so I always create season and holiday themed Bump games for them.  This particular bump game is for addition facts.  Click on the picture to download it for free.  Enjoy! 


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