Friday, July 12, 2013

New Blog and New Classroom! it's been about 4 months since I've visited my blog.  I felt like every time I came onto my blog I was only mildly satisfied with the design.  So I finally decided that I was going to do a full makeover on my blog.  It feels like painting all the walls in your house a fresh, new color.  I chose all my favorite colors and designs.  What do you think?

So here is a little update on my life:  The last time I blogged I was hoping and praying that I'd get a teaching position at my hometown district....that did not happen.  I was upset at first, but I try very hard to learn from my mistakes.  I studied and prepared even harder for my other interviews and the more that I practiced, the more confident I felt.  There really is an art to interviewing!  As I continued interviewing at different districts, I was blessed to be offered a few different positions.  However, at my most recent interview I was offered my dream job...a contracted position as a second grade teacher.  Second grade is my expertise and it is where my <3 HEART belongs. So now I am back in the classroom wayyyy before summer has ended and back in SECOND GRADE, YAYYYY!

Here are pictures of my new, currently very messy, classroom.  Cue the HUGE SMILE on my face, sweat on my brow from moving in a million boxes to the second story, and a sore back from moving furniture even though my husband offered to help later in the night! So happy and so tired right now.

This used to be the autistic support classroom, so they had to remove some extra mats that were in the classroom.  There is still one red one to go, but I wish I could keep it.  Yes....I may have hoarding tendencies, but don't all teachers?

 I have 24 amazing cubbies in this classroom! They are so much nicer than my old, shabby hooks that I had in my last school.  Although these take up a lot of room, they are so much neater for students to store their belongings.  Eek, now I have to start making labels for all of these little cubby holes!

Yes, that ancient television is leaving and they will be installing a brand new Epson projector and board #techieteacher.  And did you happen to notice that fancy computer in the corner with a dinosaur sized printer above it?  I am soooo keeping that printer if I can.  Those things can whip out a million copies without using up that much ink, which is the complete opposite of my ink eater printer at home.  Now for that old computer....hmmmm. Do you want it?


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