Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cyber Monday and Tuesday and a Freebie

Hola! I feel like a total shopping addict these past few days.  I'm not usually into the whole Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals, but since we bought our new house I keep thinking of all the things that I need to buy.  If you've noticed that I've been missing for a while, that's because my husband and I moved two times in the last 6 months, because he got a new job and so did I.  Now we are both super super excited about where we have finally settled down.  I have my dream teaching job - second grade again!!! And I have my dream house!!! We got a such a deal on our home...but it definitely needs some work on the inside.

So like I was saying...that's why I've been missing and that's why I've been going crazy with shopping! My kiddos in my new school are amazing. They are so sweet and caring.  I am glad that my classroom is running so smoothly, since I feel like I've been a chicken with my head cut off since August.  With all the new training for the new job, moving twice, and just being a second grade teacher in general has made me feel ...uhhhh.....exhausted. This Thanksgiving break has been the first time that I feel like I've been able to relax. So now the rest of the school year will get easier (haha except when I start grad school in January).  With all this shopping in mind I am of course participating in a Cyber Monday/Tuesday sale for TpT.  Click on the picture below to go to my store! I have a few new products up and some new freebies too.

Thinking back to my short little week before our Thanksgiving break I had so much fun with my students.  We didn't really get into too much learning since we only had two and half days of school.  So I got to do all the fun stuff that I love! We made turkeys (which I forgot to take a picture of), pilgrim hats, and did a ton of hilarious Thanksgiving centers. 

Each kiddo got a cupcake to frost so that they could make turkey cupcakes.  I can't lie, I was seriously jealous because this center looked like so much fun.  I had one of my volunteers sit at a table and work with a group of 5 kids. They got to dip their knives into a bowl of chocolate icing and spread it on top.  Then they chose whatever color jellybeans they wanted for their turkey feathers. Last, they added candy eyes and a butterscotch chip for the beak. I thought they turned out adorable!!!!

Other stations included: making a pilgrim hat, playing Thanksgiving pictionary, and illustrating Thanksgiving jokes....among some other educational centers. 

Some of my boys illustrating jokes for Thanksgiving. They all presented them later to the class and tried to get their classmates to guess the answer to the joke. "Why did the turkey join the band?" - "Because he had a pair of drumsticks." HAHA (fake laugh hehe).  My kids loved the corny jokes, even if they were pretty bad.
And their adorable pilgrim hats!!!

Lastly, here is my freebie

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