Sunday, November 16, 2014

Classroom Cash Replacement - Introducing.....the Student Debit Card!!!!

I have always used some sort of classroom cash system so that my students can earn rewards and prizes for their good behavior.  I have used whole group rewards, such as a jar of money, a jar of marbles and I now use a jar of "fuzzy peaches" which are really just craft pom poms.  I don't where I got the name "fuzzy peaches", but the kids love it!

For individual behavior I've done everything from tickets to fake money.  It works for the most part, but there are always some issues with kiddos who lose their cash and claim they had more then they are showing me.  I want to believe them and replace their lost money, but I never do because it is a life lesson.  Keep track of your money....because in the real world if you lose is GONE! But I guess that seems harsh for 7 year-olds, so I came up with the class debit card that I am going to launch in my classroom in place of the cash. The idea is that the kids get stickers on the back of their debit card as a representation of their earned money.  Then when they spend it I will cross it off.  That way they don't have a bunch of loose dollar floating around in their desks.  Instead, they have 1 debit card with THEIR NAME on the front of it (so nobody can steal their reward money - we don't need any identify theft in second grade, haha)  This one is a freebie, so if you'd like to grab it, click on the picture and it'll take you to my TpT shop where you can download it. 

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