Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Gobble Gobble! Getting Ready for Thanksgiving Centers

I have been soooo stressed lately.  It should probably be an indicator that I need to go to the gym, do some yoga, or take a bath; instead I end up eating more comfort food, drinking more coffee, and eating all the candy we have leftover from Halloween.  I've pretty much given up hope on eating healthy until after Christmas.  And one more thing that makes me want to cuddle up, not move, and eat lots of hearty meals....uh it is 20 degrees tonight in Pennsylvania - with a "feels like 10 degrees" because of the wind chill.  Now, we get weather like this is PA, but it isn't usually until January!!!  I wasn't ready for this!!! I ended up safety-pinning my winter coat today, because I never sewed on my buttons that fell off last year. Yikes, it was a sight to see, but at least it kept me kind of warm. And to add on to my complaints...today was the day of our 6 day cycle that my kids don't have a special...so I have no prep time.....then they cancelled recess because it was too cold for them to go out....soooooo I had a full day with NO break.  I literally RAN across the hall so that I could fit in a bathroom break in the afternoon, because let's be honest, I cannot hold my pee for 3 hours straight (especially since I drink 2-3 Nalgene bottles of water a day). Sorry, was that potty talk TMI? Oh wait, one more thing to add to my list of complaints and then I promise I'm done....report cards are due this week! AHHHHH! After all of these things that make my head spin I had one little girl who handed me a sweet little note at the end of the day, which made me remember why I love teaching primary.  It doesn't take away my stress, but it definitely makes me feel better about why I work so hard.   I really have the sweetest group of second graders.  They are all so kind, caring, and considerate of everyone in our classroom family.   Wouldn't a note like this make you smile, too?

With all that said, I thought that I'd give out some freebies that I've been working on in all my spare time, haha! (that was a joke).  The first one goes along with an awesome freebie that The Peanut Gallery created.  I loved her thanksgiving dinner prompts, but I wanted this to be an independent center, so I made a writing template for it.  Here is a picture of her freebie (click on the picture to go to TpT to download her freebie):

Here is the freebie that I posted that goes along with her ideas! Click on the pictures below to go to TpT and download this if you'd like to print out the writing template that goes with her prompts! 


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