Sunday, November 30, 2014

How To Writing Units and a SUPER CYBER TpT Sale!

I'm finally home from our Thanksgiving trip! It was an awesome extended weekend with family and friends.  It is always a little bit crazy with everyone around.  Despite the craziness, everyone makes me laugh. And to top it all off...I made a special friend down the street from my parents house! !

Now that I'm back home and getting ready for work I started to plan ahead for the month of December. The three weeks of teaching before Christmas break always go so, so, so FAST! I created and updated some products, so that I can teach "How To" writing to my second graders.  The first packet is an oldie, but a goodie! It is my original "Peanut Butter and Jelly "How To" Writing Unit.  It is a week-long unit that is a blast to do in your classroom! I've had this in my store for a while, but now it's updated with newer texts, borders, and formatting.

Click on the picture or click HERE to download this packet

I also took some time to create a camping unit to support our new curriculum, Wonders. In second grade, Unit 3, Week 2 the curriculum introduces stories that are all about the nighttime sky, camping, stars, and the sun.  To support this week I created a mini literacy unit on camping for my second graders to do while they read through Wonders awesome stories. I know there are a lot of camping materials and ideas floating around out in the TpT and blogging world, but I have to say that my packet is specifically made for second grade. It is working on the following skills: "how to" writing, similes, present tense verbs, sight words, compound words, comp skills (including: key details, problem and solution, and plot).  

click on the picture or click HERE to download this product. 

It has literacy games, such as sight word fishing and a board game called "Cliff Hangers" that can be added to your L.A. Center stations. I know my kids have much more fun playing games, than doing worksheets.  They interact more, discuss the answers, and use socialization as a way to practice and learn their skills. Here are a few of the games included in the packet:

And of course, included is a week long "how to" unit on making s'mores! It is taught in the same way as the PBJ how to writing unit, but with ooey, gooey, delicious s'mores. 

Check out these great products and more at my TpT site and enjoy a SUPER CYBER SALE, which will be going on from December 1st through December 2nd.  My store will be 20 percent off and you can get additional discounts from TpT by typing the promo code: TPTCYBER.  ENJOY!!!

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