Sunday, November 16, 2014

Secrets to Having a Quiet and Well Behaved Classroom

At my previous school we did a school wide system called "Green Cards".  As we walked down the hallway our class could be given a green card from another teacher that recognized how quiet we were.  Once we gained 20 green cards the entire class received a prize.  I thought that the system was fantastic because it was reinforcement and praise from teachers throughout the entire school.

I've now tried out some different methods at my new school and I love all of them.  I don't necessarily have a favorite, but instead I tend to change what reward system I use throughout the year so that the kids don't get bored.  Here is a list of the different reward systems:


One of the teachers that I worked with when I was student teaching used something called a punch card.  The kids would wear them as necklaces in the hallway and if they were walking quietly the teacher would give them a punch-out using her hole puncher.


This system is so fun, especially because I use it during the time of the year when I am doing a mystery/detective theme in my room.  In reading we work on mystery books and the kids learn to look for clues.  Then I start using "mystery walker" in the hallway, which means that I will pull a stick with a number on it and that will be my mystery walker for the hall.  Side note: my kids have numbers assigned to their name tags, so that I don't have to write student names on everything in my room each year.  So back to the mystery walker.  As we walk down the hallway I keep my eye on that child whose number was pulled.  Nobody knows who I am secretly watching, but at the end of our walk I will announce if that child did a good job or not.  If they did a good job I'll reveal who my mystery walker was and then give them class cash.  If they did not do a good job I won't reveal who my mystery walker was and I'll let the class know that we will have to try again later with a new walker. This way nobody will be embarrassed and it'll also motivate all the kids to try harder next time. Here is a sample of the numbers that I printed and glued to popsicle sticks for the mystery walker cup: 

RACE TRACK: An individual behavior chart that I just developed for one child who has difficulty in the hallway is a race track. He gets a little velcro car and a race track on his desk.  Each time we take a walk in the hallway and he does a good job he gets to move his car one spot further on his race track.  When he gets to the finish line he gets a reward from me. This little guy loves it so much, especially because he is obsessed with Disney's Cars. So I made sure that when I printed out his little car that I chose a picture from the Disney movie as his car. 

I put all of these into a packet for you all if you are interested in using them in your classroom.  It's only $1 - so grab it if your interested.  It also has my debit card cash system that I recently posted (Click HERE), but that one is a freebie on its own, so you can go to my store to grab just the debit card for free :) For the entire packet click the picture below to go to my TpT store:

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