About Me

I'm so glad that you came to visit my blog and I am very excited to share a little about myself!  

About Teaching: I was a second grade teacher near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for two years in an inner city school, which was very challenging but it was rewarding in so many ways.  I loved my students so much, but I had to say goodbye to them in August 2012.  I took the school year off to get acquainted with a new area and search for a new job, since my husband's job moved us to South Central Pennsylvania.  Then in June 2013 I was hired as a second grade teacher in a rural school district.  It was such a blessing to receive another second grade position, because second grade is where my HEART is!

About my family:  I have been married for five years to the most wonderful man.  Everyone says to marry your best friend, and I definitely did. We are always laughing and having fun together.  We have a baby boy, Andrew, and a golden retriever.  I am so blessed to be surrounded by my wonderful boys (dog included)!

My sister's puppy was entertaining Andrew

My handsome little man, Andrew

Cooper's Graduation from Training

Things I like to do:
1. paint - mostly watercolor and acrylic.  I'm just learning how to use oil

My little art gallery 

2. read - anything and everything, but I especially love historical fiction
3. crafting - especially making things for my classroom
4. bike - I'm not what you would call a biker at all.  I have a mountain bike that I like to ride casually on trails
5. hike - we usually go hiking when we travel up north to the Poconos or upstate NY, but since we live in South Central PA now I'm close to a lot of new trails in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.
6. cook - I'm obsessed with cooking new foods.  However, after Andrew was born I switched over to an AIP diet because I discovered that I have Celiac disease.  The autoimmune diet is my alternative to taking traditional medicine, and so far it's been making a big difference in my overall health.  I have tons of recipes posted on Pinterest, so if you're interested click here.



  1. Hi Kell, I found your blog actually through your Tpt store. I downloaded your Bubble Gum Bump game & I have to tell you my 2nd graders absolutely LOVE that game. Your blog is so cute & I love your ideas, I can't wait to see more. I'm your newest follower. I loved your About Me section, I like learning about fellow teachers. Check out my blog Polka Dot Palace I too have a lengthier About Me section. I didn't include this in my About Me but I'm near Philadelphia as well, in New Jersey, about 45 minutes West of Philly into Jersey.


    1. Hi Stephanie! I'm so glad you commented! I'm really sorry that I haven't replied until now, I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus. Now I am back for good and I have completely redone my blog. It has a new name and a new look. I am heading on over to PolkaDotPalace right now to check it out! I hope that you come back to visit my blog again, as I will starting posting as often as I can.



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