Line Up Lyrics

This is a packet of songs that I sing to my kids throughout the day to get them to line up, clean up, and stay quiet in the hallways.  It works wonderfully and they look forward to singing all day.

Bubblegum Bump

Click on the picture below and it will take you to TpT where you can download this fun math game for your classroom.  The directions for how to play are included in the packet.

September 11th Packet

Click on the cover below and it should bring you to TPT where you can download it for FREE!

or CLICK HERE to download

Oops Report Form 

Click on the picture to download.  This can be used as a easy-to-fill-out form at the end of the day.  Send it home with a student if he or she misbehaves during the day.  Mom or dad need to sign it and return it and then everyone knows what happened, what the teacher and student talked about, and how it can be fixed the following day. I use it my classroom all the time!

Behavior Form - Student Fills It Out 

Brain Breaks

It's filled with games to help your kids learn vocabulary, spelling words, and math facts.  There are a total of 9 games in the packet. Click on either picture and it will take you to TPT where you can download it for free!  

Matthew ABC Writing Activity

This creative writing activity is something that I made to go with one of the cutest books ever: Matthew ABC  It is a hilarious book that is about a classroom in which all the kids are names Matthew.  So the teacher has to come up with some creative ways to remember all the different Matthews.  I use it to teach creative writing and it is so much fun.

This is the activity that goes along with the book. Click on the image and it will take you to TPT where you can download it for free. 


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